Who is TomLar

Singapore-based, high-tech company founded by a group of passionate Singaporeans who aims to be your trusted IT solutions providers for your business needs.

  • Innovative

    Always up-to-date with the latest relevant and emerging technologies so that we can give consumers the best experience.

  • Digitalization

    We actually understand what’s going on behind your business scenes. We believe the use of digital technologies can help you to improve your business efficiency and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities.

  • Customer Centric

    By creating a positive consumer experience at the point of sale and post-sale, we believe we can generate the most and longest lasting business value.

Our Services

  • Smart Application Development

    One of our key strengths is to help you digitalise your tedious business processes that requires lots of manpower and paperwork into a wonderful product that helps you to save time and further add values to your business.

  • Enterprise Solutions

    Another key strengths in TomLar is our arsenal of enterprise solutions and products that are already available to suit your business needs. We have a full suite of Fleet & Manpower Management Solutions, Customer Relationship Management and Inventory Management Solutions.

  • Consulting Services

    TomLar combine thought leadership, industry best practices and knowledge, as well as leading technology partners to create solution that deliver business value to our clients.

Our Products

Throughout the years of industry knowledge and experience, we have the full suite of enterprise solutions.

  • Fleet Management

    Our Fleet Management Solution is the vehicle/ asset management solution that allows you to deploy, track, and manage your fleet/ equipment in real time, 24×7. It also aims to removes all cumbersome paper work and optimize your processes to maximize your return on investment and ease of mind.

  • Manpower Management

    Our Manpower Management Solution was designed and developed to serve the service industry. Raising operating costs and manpower crunch imposed on enterprises to innovate and to increase on productivity so as to remain competitive and relevant on the playing field.

    It was developed with that in mind, enabling you to Schedule, Deploy, and Track your assets and operations status in real-time. Coupled with HR and Financial tools to alleviate you from having to attend to cumbersome administrative tasks such as employees’ leave management and payroll. The aim of this system is to allow you to optimise your resources and give you the ease of mind to concentrate on your core operations.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Our Customer Relationship Management was designed to be the merchant console for business owner management. The original idea was to serve as a loyalty or rewards redemption programme in a cross-platform for iOS & Android.

    Merchants are able to maintain a list of customer profile and helps to raise promotions awareness via the mobile app platform. The platform also allows merchants to analyze their business through the data gathered from the user interaction with their business.

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E-mail: customerservice[at]tomlar.com